Oh nooo, I was too late to ask for Calla and Gabi's princess baby (guess I'll just have to draw her myself 8I)

Nooooooo I’ll make an exception for princess babies :U I so desperately want to give that one a try tonight

Much to Embory’s disappointment, Darla only had the desire to master playing the spoons.

Well here you go the last one! sorry guys I won’t be taking any more but thank you for all the wonderfully fun combos! I’ll sketch a group pick of all the children sometime :’)

I almost went my whole life without drawing this. It’s not even that creative :’D

whoops I was at a wedding forever yesterday so yep today’s the day for these last 3! I’d think for these two that they’s be very close as siblings, both timid in major ways, although Ascella would be better at hiding this fact outwardly.

whoops I know I said I’d stop after tonight but there are three more I really want to do but it looks like I’ll have to do them tomorrow :I 


i imagine they are quite the handful, hehe. these two where really fun, I adore Thistle actually.

ahaha my gosh this is perfect. 

how does one draw Gothorita?? :’B

Omg at first galnce I thought the babies name was NYOOM

Watch out Bloom can move at the speed of NYOOM!!??!


so fast

Not going to get tired of lileep spawn nope.

I’m thinking of doing a few more tomorrow then stop taking these! They were a lot of fun to do inbetween everything though aha

I can only imagine what the child of a adventurous seabird and a rock snake can accomplish.

Evil ghost lileep yep.

 congratulations on finding the best match ever??!?!

fun yes

Cetus and Norel for the daycare meme ehehe


the true terror of the deep

look at this beauty lil’ susan